Using SlashCV


We are happy to announce the public beta for Slash CV! 

As an introduction- SlashCV can be used to create a new resumé or share your existing resumé online. Here are a few pointers for how the site works:

  1. The Edit/CV form helps you create a resumé and generate a PDF that you can download.
  2. The Profile form can be used to create your profile with a personal URL <> where you can upload your existing resumé.
  3. Use the Account form to change email, password or username.
  4. All changes in the Edit/CV form are autosaved every 30 seconds.
  5. If you need to cancel your account, you can do so from Account settings.

That's it! We have kept everything very basic and simple. Since we are in public beta, we will continue to make changes to the site depending on the feedback we get. Please use our feedback form to report bugs, suggest improvements or request new features. We will keep a log of all the changes and improvements here.

Thank you!