New update, new profile


We just pushed new updates to SlashCV, so without further ado, here is a list =)

    - We have removed the character limit on name/title fields in the edit CV form. You will be able to type longer names =)

    - We have also added a custom section, you can now create your own section heading and description in your CV.

    - We have stopped enforcing contact details in the PDF, you don't have to add those details if you don't want to. We won't prompt you to enter them.

    - We are slowly moving away from the previous profile view to a new profile that will host your CV created on SlashCV online in HTML. All the links along with the download button are now in the footer. 

    * Whatever you enter in your CV editor will be made available in your profile CV, it reflects the PDF. If there is something you don't want on your profile, please remove it on the CV editor. If you do not wish to host your CV online, simply de-select the checkbox for publishing your profile online. Do check out the new profile.

    * For users who have already uploaded their CV in the previous profile format, please consider shifting to the HTML format. We plan to completely move to the HTML full CV format in the future. For now, we have given an option to retain the old view but will shift from it in the next iteration. So, please do consider creating a CV here and shifting to the HTML view.

      That's it! =) we hope you will be able to test the updates and let us know via feedback =)

Oh, just one last thing, we have added a Facebook like button to the pages on SlashCV. Give us a like if you have used SlashCV to create your CV  ;), it will help us too.