How to videos for SlashCV

We will keep adding to this as we move forward, here are a few videos to begin with:

Adding a new section to your CV:

Simply click on the section heading on the left menu to have it appear in the CV form.

Add more or delete under a section:

You might want to add more to your Education or Experience in your CV or delete from it. Here is how:

Edit section labels:

You can change section headings to suit your preference, these changes are then reflected in your PDF. For instance, you can use this feature to change the section heading- Objective to Summary or Activites to Projects or Publications to Research Papers or simply Education to Study. Here is how it works:

Put Experience above Education:

You might want to emphasize your work experience above your education in your CV. There is a simple way to order it that way in your PDF, here it is:

Setting up your username and profile:

You might want to share the resume you already have or the one generated on SlashCV under a personal URL. You can do so along with your social media links in a simple minimal profile. Here is how you set your username and your personal profile URL: