A few small changes, one feature update and a Big Thank You =)

A Big Big Thank You! to all of our registered users on SlashCV. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to try SlashCV and for reaching out to us with feature requests, bug reports, comments and suggestions. We have been listening to you and have come up with a few improvements to SlashCV. We also have one feature update. 

Here are the smaller improvements first =)

Editable labels:

You can now edit labels such as objective, experience or education etc., on your edit CV form (not on the left pane but within the form itself). Simply click on the label or section heading and edit. For instance you might want to replace Objective with Profile or Acitivities with Projects or Experience with Internships. It is possible now to do so and customize with a simple click.

Put Experience above Education:

On the left pane under Edit CV, you can now see this option. When selected this allows you to emphasize your work experience over your education in your CV. Select it to place Experience above Education in the PDF version of your CV. To test, click on View PDF which is now located in the header.

Save Changes:

You can now manually save changes by clicking the save changes button. This should come in handy when you are making small changes to your resume. Changes are also auto-saved every 30 seconds.


We have moved the username field from Account to Profile. Now it is easier to set your custom URL for your profile without navigating to the Account view. We have also changed the default profile image.


We have made a few minor changes to the homepage to give a more consistent view of what SlashCV does. 


Along with these small changes we have one feature update and that is Feedback.

Feedback lets you share the CV you just created with your friends on any social network or via email through a simple shareable link. Your friends can then view your CV and send you suggestions for improvement through a form. All the feedback is collected and shown to you in SlashCV, which you can use to make improvents to your CV.

We also send you an email notification everytime you recieve new feedback along with the text of the feedback so that it is easy for you to follow through.


That is it for now =) We will keep you posted with future updates here.

Thanks again!